ImageDISCOVERING THE TRUTH by Cosmic Macduff

It has been a fascinating and life-changing spiritual path that I have walked along thus far, and it is a path along which I will continue, with the understanding that there is no destination or goal to reach or even an end to get to.  No, for me it has been and is the walking that is important, not any place that I might arrive at or achievement I might accomplish.  I think that I have discovered  a lot since I started, but do not consider myself “enlightened”,  just aware of who  I am.  For me this primary truth, a recognition that there was/is something  more to me (my soul)  than my physical body, is what allowed me and still allows me, to find meaning and purpose in life.


From the very beginning when I asked God for help and was guided to each book to read and each person I met, I have been discovering the truth about who I am and the purpose of life.  And over time, whenever I read, saw or heard something that my soul recognized as truth, I would have an immediate energy feeling or response that would be confirmation for me that it was so.  Perhaps you have had these feelings too?  Actually I still have them.  It is hard for me to describe the feeling(s).  Most of the time it is a “tingling” that I can feel on my arms or sometimes through my whole body and sometimes it is a strong emotional reaction like a gasp or sob that comes out of me so unexpectedly that it catches me by complete surprise!    I think that it is not the type of feelings that you have that matters, but the fact that you have them. 


Perhaps you will find it interesting to know that I consider myself a skeptical person!  What I know as the truth has been subjected to some vigorous questioning and challenges by me.  The outcome of this is that I have always received confirmation (over and over again) of my perceived truth, so now I have no doubts about my beliefs at all.  None.


I am well aware that there is a whole “spiritual awareness/enlightenment” industry out there.  It’s “big business” and there is a vast amount of money being made by a whole lot of people, so if you are just starting out on a spiritual path, I want to share one thing that I know to be true:  there is nothing you need outside of yourself.  Everything you need to know about yourself you already know.  Pursuing or walking a spiritual path is the way in which you will re-discover or access the truth about yourself.   And yes you will receive guidance along the way through many wonderful books (free if you borrow them from the library).  There are also helpful workshops, seminars and meetings that you can go to for  a specific area that you are interested in or working on, many of which are free or have a minimal cost.  And as I have found, you will be guided to those that are the most helpful.


The fact that I am being guided (primarily by listening to my intuition) has been one of the most wonderful discoveries I have made along this loving path.  I have found that the more I have believed the truth:  I am loved, the more open I have become to the guidance I am being given.   There are so many times when I am tempted to give in to my ego’s desires to “wreck” my inner peace, but when I take a moment to look at my thoughts and understand that they do not reflect what I really want for myself, I feel that gentle loving guidance moving me to a different thought or thoughts and peace deepens instead of being lost. 


I feel like I have come so far,  and yet in reality I have gone nowhere.  I have been living my life and trusting that whatever truths I need to know will come to me when I am ready for them.  And they have.  For all of us on this path, the difficulty is often in keeping your intention strong and aligned with your soul.  As I have previously mentioned, meditation is a great way in which to do this.  Another challenging aspect I have found of being on a spiritual path is that I am going in what seems to be the opposite direction to almost everyone I know.  What I mean by this is that my truth is very different to most people’s beliefs.  I am sure you know what I mean.  I have felt this way for as long as I have been looking for the truth.  What encourages me to continue unquestioningly, is the way I feel.


It is hard for me to put into words just how good I feel about myself and life.  I will try to describe it simply by saying that the difference in the way I feel now and the way I felt twenty-something years ago before I started out on this spiritual path, is like night and day.  It is that different!  Discovering the truth about myself and God and living from that perspective has given me a joy in living, a peace in my heart and an understanding of an unconditional Love that is so beautiful that there truly are no words to describe it.  So the truth is always to be found in the way you feel.  To anyone who would question whether or not I am “right” in my beliefs I would answer this:  There is no right or wrong belief – the way you feel will tell you whether the way you perceive life and the world you live in is best for you.  I have chosen my truth based on the way I feel, which is amazingly good, and left behind those beliefs that meant my life was painful and sad. 


Have you, like me, discovered the truth for yourself?  If not, can you imagine having a depth of feeling within you that is so peaceful and loving and good – a feeling that does not change, no matter what difficulties or challenges life presents to you?  When you have this feeling inside you will have no doubt that you have discovered the truth for yourself.

About cosmicmacduff

Inspiring you to Live Boldly. To keep it real, take risks, follow your truth, and boldly pursue that which you feel called to do. My vision is to motivate, inspire people in life spheres positively. Many of us find it difficult to discover the uniqueness in us but through this compendium i will be able to make you understand the reality beyond facts in your life. we need to be positively minded because positive minds anticipates great success.... live upright, stay upright, speak positive and inspire others around you

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  1. that’s a great one..

  2. Before a person can get to an understanding and love of the world, he should come to realise himself or herself and be willing to find the love and inner of the self. As you say once “having a depth of feeling within you that is so peaceful and loving and good – a feeling that does not change, no matter what difficulties or challenges life presents to you” you may find the way, but be aware that is not yet the end of it, often this awareness or enlightenment is just the beginning for finding the truth.

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